Plant Meditations

The sky is the prayer-platter, the sun and the moon are the lamps, the stars and the constellations are the pearls and jewels. The air coming from the sandalwood mountain are the incense, wind is the fan, entire flora of the earth are the perfume..... oh... what an aarti it is! O destroyer of fear!

Guru Nanak

There is a rhythm to the Universe that is the first language to plants, and a language to be uncovered within us. I have been working with pure, one ingredient plant essences and find them to be a powerful ally in taming the fluctuations of our minds, nurturing our authentic nature, and bringing out our own—pure essence. They are a perfect complement to any yoga and meditation practice. 

I am a certified Level 2 medicinal aromatherapist with Wisdom of the Earth—a company based in Sedona, Arizona that sources its plants all over the world for one purpose: to create powerful healing for Souls in Human form and to remember we are Sovereign Beings of Divine Love.

When you book a session with me you will receive a 20-minute zoom call and a recommended protocol of 1-3 plant essences to work with for 40 days.

$75 plus cost of plant essences