I teach an ancient form of breathing. The closest thing I can relate it to is the breath that naturally comes while in labor. It has many names, but one thing is for sure, no one alive today invented or created it, and it leads to a theta state of healing where visions are seen, deep emotional states are felt, and deep release is felt. 
I call it 3 part breathing, and stardust breathing because I feel the stardust in my bones activated. You can call it whatever you wish. It is not a suitable breath if you are pregnant or have respiratory issues. If you are new I always encourage you to take it easy and take breaks. We practice on our backs with a pillow or bolster under our knees and wrapped in a cozy blanket. Please make sure you have these before starting. 
And we are always assisted by a plant or tree essence. 


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Upcoming Virtual Breathwork Circle

Our first breathwork circle for 2021 will be virtual and open to everyone. 100% of the proceeds of your $20 will go to benefit Youth Assistance Coalition an organization that supports and serves the homeless youth of San Diego County. 
In this experience we will digest the experience of 2020 and take the time to be schooled by our breath. 2021 is a “5” year in tantric numerology which is the number that is associated with “teacher” and the body. Body as teacher, really means embodying the identity of student of gut feelings. We will put ourselves as receivers of the truth that our bodies and bellies have been trying to teach us for a very long time.
Are you ready? 
This experience is for students of all levels—whether you are new to breathwork or a long time teacher of yoga and meditation that wants to come back to the simple sweetness of breath. It is not suitable if you are pregnant, or if you have respiratory issues. We will have sufficient time to build up to the breathwork and come back down and integrate— so feel free to recommend to a friend that you think needs some breathwork and has never tried it before!  
Let’s breathe some hope and healing for 2021, breathe for the homeless kids of San Diego, and breathe for the human family…
We will be working with a plant ally as always. For this experience we will be working with White Spruce. If you would like to order a 2 ml pure essence of this tree, I can mail her to you for an additional $20—this will be an addition to the $20 “ticket” price, and will not go to YAC, it will cover the plant essence plus shipping costs. Please make sure you enter the address you would like to have it shipped to when you register.