My Kundalini Journey

2020 has been a turning point year for so many things on our planet, it is also the year that many truths have come forward about “Kundalini as Taught by Yogi Bhajan” (KYATBYB). From learning the many abuses by Yogi Bhajan against women, children and families, to confirming my gut feelings and never ending resistance to the wrapper of these practices—the kundalini community—and it’s ongoing disrespect and disregard of Sikh people and my ancestors.

(Stop selling Sikh names for $40 with zero education about where these names come from and why Guru Gobind Singh gave us these names—please!)

Even in the so-called “healing” from these truths there is still an unapologetic commitment to the endless commoditization and distortion of Sikhi, and dismissiveness when these issues are raised.

In seeking to refocus my energy as a teacher, I find myself guided by a movement amongst Native Sisters of called Re-Matriation*. It’s the process of indigenous women of Turtle Island restoring balance to our world, returning it to Mother. The yoga practices I have spent two decades learning and practicing, acquiring knowledge of endless breathing recipes, postures, meditation and mantras—they all came from patriarchal schools and agendas; even the Hatha systems are heavily influenced by the Laws of Manu, the school of thought from which Casteism comes from. 

The fact is, I have always been adapting and re-matriatriating what I have learned and how I teach, because nothing I have learned was ever designed to serve motherhood, kindness, and gentleness.

The only mission I am interested in serving through teaching yoga is one of ease. And the only discipline I’m interested in advocating for is the discipline of gentleness. As a Sikh and sober woman, mother and wife, these identities are not lineages…they are better. They are the anchors where I keep finding myself spiraling to and from in my practice no matter what school of yoga or community I find myself in. 

I create my classes and workshops to steam distill all the yoga practices, (particularly kundalini) I have ever learned, using only the ones I know to create a remembrance that pure energy, or Divine Spark, that is in every facet of Creation.

I will continue to use pure plant essences in all classes and workshops. Why? Because other than YOU—plants, earth, ancestors and stardust—these are the second best teachers to return us home to the Divine. 


To learn more about the movement of Re-Matriation by Native sisters check out the Cekpa Hoksi Center for ReMatriation for BIPOC women to heal together.  Learn more