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Kundalini with Sheel at Buddhi Yoga

Practice from home with Sheel from anywhere in the world at YourBuddhi (Livestream and On Demand)​

What it’s like to practice with Sheel:

Sheel created something truly beautiful at Kundalini Windansea and she is creating something truly essential with Kundalini with Sheel, bringing the ancient teachings to women with hectic, overloaded lives. Sheel brings grace, tenderness, and a little touch of California to her teachings. Kundalini can be a bit intimidating for beginners and Sheel breaks down those barriers, sharing her gift with confidence, warmth and accessibility. I have left Sheel's classes feeling lighter and brighter with a renewed connection to my body, mind and spirit.
Kira Karmazin
Mom and Founder KiraGrace (Yoga Clothing)
Kundalini with Sheel is medicine for your soul. She's the 'it girl' of Kundalini. Her hip style brings ancient traditions of healing and strength to my modern day life. As a busy physician, I love the ability to have access to Sheel's amazing classes whenever I want.
Dr. Shakha Gillin
Pediatrician and Mom
Part guru, part friend, part philosopher, part muse – you will be sure to tailor your own experience at Kundalini with Sheel. I am so happy Sheel has launched online so I can now practice with her while I am on the go.
Tapasya Bali
As a busy mom with an overwhelming 'to do' list at times - it is critical to take the time to calm, focus and take care of myself. It is important for me and for my family. That is why I love practicing online with Sheel—she is the best!
Niki Bhattacharya
Mom and Professor (Sayulita, Mexico)
I began taking Kundalini class with Sheel last March and have loved what it has awakened in me - more light, openness and a sense of joy in the possibilities of my life. Over the past couple of months I tried to start a morning meditation practice which, when I did it, was fantastic, but I lacked commitment and consistency - a pattern I often struggle with. Two weeks ago we did Kirtan Kriya in class and there was something in the vibration that spoke to me. That, along with the science that it prevents Alzheimers, a disease that is prevalent in my family history, made me commit to and prioritize this practice for its mental and soulful benefits. It is so powerful! Now I wake up early every morning, make my cup of tea, tend to our pets then sit on my mat with my dog Rory next to me - he knows the routine! I anoint myself with Titipati essence, breathe deeply, tune in, then begin my warmup and morning meditation for a calm heart created for me by Sheel during our tantric numerology session and then do Kirtan Kriya - 14 days and counting!
Sat Nam - Sheila
From the first class I took with Sheel I had an instant connection to her energy. There was something so relatable and real to her on a physical level. But at the same time on a spiritual level I felt an undeniable presence of true purpose (dharma) and innate wisdom within her, which I feel effortlessly flows through her and the classes/circles/gatherings she holds. Making an ancient practice feel attainable and relatable in today's society is a true gift and I feel blessed to share the journey with her as one of my guides. I know my life has shifted into a higher vibration because of it
Olivia Cecchettini
Aerial and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
If you are interested in experiencing more joy and a deeper personal spiritual connection in your life, I would strongly recommend giving yourself the wonderful gift of a Tantric Numerology Experience with Sheel. What started as an exciting, spot-on, reading, turned into a magical personal adventure for me, with a lovely bonus of learning about and enjoying the extremely effective plant medicine that Sheel suggested for me, medicine I will continue to delight in for my lifetime. My Kundalini practice had been missing the right kind of focus, and Sheel created a unique daily Sadhana for me, based on my reading, my temperament, and, importantly, my schedule. I originally planned on completing 40 days, however, fell so in love with the Sadhana, I enjoyed 120 days. It is hard to express the impact of the reading and the practice on me, but suffice it to say, it has been a deeply personal and fulfilling experience, and guess what . . . just wait to see what happens in your life, and how you move through it. Amazing! Thank you Sheel, Sat Nam!
Lynn H.
My husband John I have been looking for a mindful practice to share together and Kundalini was the answer! John has been practicing meditation for years and I’ve always struggled with making it a daily practice. After our first session with Sheel, we were hooked and plan to make it our weekly date night.
John and Maria Assaraf
Brain Gurus
Sheel is an amazing Kundalini instructor. She makes it easy to understand and easy to follow. Kundalini should be a part of everyone’s yoga routine.
Amanda McCarroll
Mom and Yoga Studio Owner

How I started my kundalini journey

I began practicing Kundalini meditation when I was pregnant with my first child.

At the time, I was also quite anxious about transitioning out of my career as an attorney and becoming a stay-at-home mom—I was terrified I was going to lose my “value” in the world.

Mondays 10:00 am at Buddhi Yoga

7843 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

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